Our Story

Lucent Quay is a full-service communications consulting firm. We add value in three related areas: Consultation & Engagement, Corporate Planning & Development and Marketing & Communications. We use strategy and creativity to deliver transformative solutions that meet the complex needs of today’s business environment. Our approach is a mix of art and science: the art of engagement, relationships and dialogue; the science of metrics, analysis and planning. The result of these interactions is insight and improvement. Each solution is as unique as every client.


Superior supported outcomes that build credibility, reduce risk and increase return on investment

Visual Identity

We wanted an image that captures the essence of our approach – a combination of art and science; a blend of precision and inspiration; an expression of extraordinary. We worked with John Sinal, a long-time favourite Vancouver photographer, to create the perfect image — one as unique as us and the clients we serve.


About the Artist

John Sinal is an editorial and commercial photographer with a style that creates colourful, energetic and provocative images. Interested in a wide variety of photographic disciplines, John’s path to photography was an eclectic one including studying zoology at UBC. John has been shooting for over 20 years and combines a passion for the technical with an eye for the artistic. He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.