• Pam Ryan portrait image

    Pam Ryan


    A founding partner of Lucent Quay, Pam has more than 25 years’ experience in transforming the transportation landscape of Vancouver and the lower mainland. As a skilled strategist and proficient facilitator with a BCom in transportation and logistics, Pam’s path has traversed a full range of goods-and-people movers, including air, road, rail marine and off-road, and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Her approach to building long-lasting public infrastructure is the belief that each project is as unique as the communities it serves. Pam is an energetic and response-oriented leader who stimulates a domain of diverse learning and limitless potential for her Lucent Quay team members and clients.

  • Georgia Tsoromocos portrait image

    Georgia Tsoromocos

    Vice President

    Georgia is a conscientious, client-focused strategist who has the finesse to manage human capital while overseeing complex content planning and public-facing programming. As a communicator and former journalist, Georgia draws experience from both sides of the desk to contribute to Lucent Quay’s unique approach to stakeholder engagement and getting ‘boots on the ground’. Georgia is driven by the belief that effective public participation programs and open discussion between decision-makers and constituents can positively shape projects. With a proven record for meeting project deadlines, issues identification and spokesperson preparation, Georgia asks all the right questions and delivers results.

  • Kirsty Dick portrait image

    Kirsty Dick

    Director, Client Services

    Kirsty is a project manager who feeds your eyes with compelling visuals and fills your mind with facts and information. A former TV producer with more than 15 years’ experience, Kirsty provides an impressive mix of visual media skills that include video production, animation, print and web. She is adept at selecting the appropriate medium to convey your message and tune in your audience no matter how short their attention span. With a strong spirit for creative collaboration and capability to view every new challenge with a fresh perspective, Kirsty will illuminate your project narrative and deliver results.

  • Alysha Nesrallah portrait image

    Alysha Nesrallah

    Director, Client Services

    Alysha is a dynamic public engagement, community relations, and corporate communications specialist. As an experienced and trustworthy advisor in the public and private sectors, she contributes to the building blocks of Lucent Quay’s impactful, long-term infrastructure projects and has the ability to calmly and effectively assess and manage risk. She skillfully builds and maintains positive relationships with clients and stakeholders. Through her impeccable organization and drive to deliver effective results, Alysha wins over decision makers and community influencers.

  • Amanda Pang portrait image

    Amanda Pang

    Director, Client Services

    Amanda is a proficient project manager and marketing tactician who can deliver your project from end-to-end, dollar-to-dollar. Amanda excels at uncovering and understanding project requirements, resulting in simplified processes and improved strategies. She’s swift at sorting timeline priorities and getting multiple points of contact on the same page and working in unison. With no two assignments alike, Amanda will go the extra mile to learn your business front to back and get your project on the right track.

  • Elana Krol portrait image

    Elana Krol

    Senior Communications Consultant

    Elana is a consultant with a passion for creative writing, community planning and public engagement. She has a flair for initiating conversations and ensuring meaningful two-way dialogue takes place between organizations and their valuable stakeholders. Elana embraces the opportunity of working under public scrutiny to deliver beyond expectations and challenge public perceptions. She’s never seen a survey she didn’t like and has the fierce belief that sharing your feedback is the first step towards making change you can see.

  • Valder Belgrave

    Marketing Consultant

    Valder is a marketing and communications professional with more than 25 years of international experience helping organizations build and strengthen their relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders. He delivers strategic and engaging marketing campaigns, that reflect and reinforce brand strategy. His significant experience in the transportation, education and philanthropic fundraising sectors includes the development of annual and corporate reports, corporate newsletters, print and social media.  He also recognizes the importance of a sound media relations strategy in driving earned media.  Valder is passionate about ensuring that clients are able to maximize the return on investment in their customer relationships. 

  • Luka Vasic

    Communications Coordinator

    Luka is a thorough researcher and communicator who prides himself in the pursuit of facts and attention to detail to deliver powerful stories in creative, concise and comprehensive ways. Luka’s experience in journalism taught him to identify newsworthy issues, opportunities, innovations and events, and then produce accurate, relatable and compelling narratives. At Lucent Quay, he applies his storytelling skills to develop key content for the web, video scripts, information notices, fact sheets and technical study summaries. He specializes in writing, editing, and video production and excels at translating business objectives into engaging communications materials that bring clients’ messages to the forefront.

  • Josh Mickelson

    Conmmunications Assistant

    Josh is a communications specialist who applies his writing and digital media skills to support community engagement, social media, and digital marketing initiatives. Working with both private and public sector clients, he understands the diverse needs of different industries and implements strategies that reflect each organization’s goals and objectives. Josh brings his unique perspective to social media and digital strategies, tailoring advertising and public relations messaging to target hard-to-reach markets and key audiences.

  • Rachelle Icasiano

    Executive Coordinator

    Rachelle is the organization and administration specialist who keeps things running smoothly at Lucent Quay. During Rachelle’s 18-year career in education, she perfected her skills in multitasking, attention to detail and her ability to stay calm under pressure. Rachelle is equally adept at managing the complexities of our accounting system as she is at event planning and cultivating Lucent Quay’s lively work culture. Whether supporting business development, building effective backoffice practices or coordinating schedules, she keeps everyone moving, together.